Booze pioneers.

Posted Wed Jan 21, 2004, 10:34 AM by Tracy | |

Last night, at El Gaucho, E and I became the first people in Oregon (besides the bartenders and the distributor) to taste Belvedere citrus vodkas, lemon with a touch of lime, and orange with a touch of lime.

The Belvedere vodkas are different from other flavored vodkas in that the vodka is blended with the essential oils of the citrus, instead of merely flavored with the juice. Belvedere vodka is quadruple distilled in Poland, then shipped to Paris where a parfumier blends in the essential oils of orange, lemon and lime. Then the vodka is sent back to Poland for a fifth and final distilling.

Truly, we are booze pioneers.

  1. Thares booze in them thare hills!

    The word "pioneer" made me just think of that....

    cherz    Wed Jan 21, 04:31 PM    #

  2. Don't get me started on vodka. I've had my share of that.

    Ruben    Thu Jan 22, 10:56 AM    #

  3. But how was it? Did you like it?

    rebecca    Thu Jan 29, 10:13 AM    #

  4. The Funhouse is brewing their own Strange Brew is the word on the street. Although it ain't any of that fancy European stuff.

    Matthew GF    Mon Feb 9, 05:45 PM    #


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