Oh no, not again.

Posted Thu Jan 29, 2004, 07:48 AM by Tracy | |

Had a nice little scare with the ‘puter last night. I was away for a few hours, left the computer on as usual. When I got back the monitor was in power-saving mode (amber light) as expected, but I couldn’t wake it up. Tapping the keyboard didn’t wake it up, moving the mouse didn’t wake it up, the three-fingered salute (ctrl-alt-del) didn’t wake it up.

I had to turn off the computer from the tower, wait a few minutes and back on again. Ran check disk, no errors. Everything seemed fine.

We were having a bit of a rainstorm and I’m sure I saw lightning flash in the sky. Last thing I need is to zap my entire system with a lightning strike. I looked around, couldn’t find any evidence that power had gone out. So go figure. Hopefully it was one time occurrence.

A friend pointed out that I’ve had a lot of trouble with my computer. I deny it, but the scribblings in my notebook don’t lie.


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