Gang aft agley.

Posted Wed Oct 06, 2004, 14:59 PM by Tracy | |

That’s the what happens to the best-laid schemes o’ mice and men.

We had a plan. It was a good plan. Unfortunately, I think it was the plan itself that drove my mother deeper into despair and consequent physical incapacity. But then, any plan would have done so.

I’m twinging a little from guilt right now. From my mother’s point of view she was an independent capable woman who only had a little back spasm. Then her daughter (that’s me) swoops in, scoops her up, dumps her with her niece and sells off the condo. No wonder she’s depressed.

The reality of it is we couldn’t leave my mother living alone. As fragile as she was, if anything happened, she couldn’t take care of herself.

Growing old is hard. My grandmother told me that.

The good news is Mom is near family and she’s getting good medical care. Barb was concerned about Mom getting sufficient fluids, so she brought her to Urgent Care. She was hospitalized for a few days, then transferred to a rehab center.

So the old plan is gone, but now we’re formulating a new plan.

  1. Hang in there Tracy! I know it's tough right now but things will eventually work out and yor mom will be comfortable, secure and happy. Take good care of yourself in the mean time.

    Kungfukitten    Wed Oct 6, 08:42 PM    #


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