Flu boo hoo.

Posted Tue Feb 03, 2004, 11:06 AM by Tracy | |

Definitely the flu. I looked up “flu” and “food poisoning” on WebMD. My symptoms were more consistent with the flu and lacking in the food poisoning department.

I’m still feeling a bit woozy. I have to teach a kung fu class tomorrow night, which means I have to give myself a run-through today and get clear in my head what I’m teaching. Not easy to do when your head feels like it’s full of helium. I’ve been thinking how I could teach a class if I were to suddenly develop laryngitis. Visual aids, charades and pounding sticks on the floor are involved.

  1. You could always pound people with the sticks as well.

    kungfukitten    Wed Feb 4, 09:03 AM    #


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