Law and Order SVU drinking game.

Posted Wed Feb 11, 2004, 09:12 AM by Tracy | |
Kung Fu Kitten has initiated the Law and Order Drinking game. So naturally I have to follow up with: Law and Order SVU Drinking Game
  • Discovery of body missing parts = 1 drink per missing body part

  • Subsequent discovery of body part matching body = 1 drink per body part

  • Discovery of body part not matching original body = give a drink to someone else

  • ME or CSI find single piece of evidence (eg. fiber, hair, drop of blood, bite mark) that ties perp to vic = 1 drink

  • Russian mob hit = 1 shot Stoli

  • Mafia hit = 1 glass Chianti

  • Asian gang hit = 1 cup plum wine

  • Sexual perversion you’ve never heard of = 1 drink

  • Sexual perversion you’ve engaged in = 1 drink and hope no one notices

  • Detectives trick a suspect into giving up DNA sample (eg. by inciting suspect to spit on them) = 1 drink

  • Successful DNA match as a result of above = 2 drinks

  • DNA evidence subsequently thrown out by a judge = 3 drinks

  • Seriously whack family dynamic = exchange drinks

  • Det. Stabler squints and looks intense = 1 drink

  • Det. Stabler worries about his daughters’ safety = 1 drink

  • Any reference to Det. Benson being product of her mother’s rape = 1 drink and circulate number of local rape crisis hotline

  • Det. Munch bitterly refers to previous marriages/wives = 1 drink per ex-wife/failed marriage

  • Det. Munch interjects conspiracy theory or other paranoia = cover your glass with your hand and drink so no one can see you

  • Det. Fin Tutuola says, “That’s messed up.” = 1 drink

  • Det. Tutuola uses urban slang = drink a 40 plus one for my homeys

  • Suspect flirts with/hits on Det. Benson = 1 drink and take a shower

  • ADA Novak gets chewed out by judge or boss = apologize insincerely and sip a glass of dry chardonnay

  1. Ha! I loved it. I just cross posted it on my site with a link back to you. Now we just need to do Criminal Intent! :)

    kungfukitten    Wed Feb 11, 10:11 AM    #

  2. I'm sure it's Munch who flirts with the ME. "Why won't you have dinner with me?" "You look like a woman who hasn't seen the inside of a nice restaurant in quite awhile." I'll try to find the episodes. (Yeah, I'm way to obsessed with this show)

    kungfukitten    Wed Feb 11, 12:25 PM    #

  3. Now that you mention it, I think you're right. Of course, I've seen Lenny Briscoe flirt with the ME, too. Nothing like a hot redhead in surgical scrubs up to her elbows in semi-decayed corpses to turn on these frisky detectives.

    Tracy    Wed Feb 11, 12:37 PM    #

  4. I don't understand the appeal of this show.

    I guess some Americans grew up in an era when weird sex was somehow titilating and mysterious.

    But personally, I can't get on the internet to say, find out how long it takes the trains to get to Taidong without someone offering me pictures of Russian girls reenacting the death of Catherine the Great.

    Matthew GF    Mon Feb 16, 02:38 AM    #

  5. I thought of another rule this weekend: Whenever Stabler says "Don't touch me. I don't like to be touched." Everyone must drink quickly. Last person to drink must assume the position and get frisked by everyone in the room.

    kungfukitten    Mon Feb 23, 09:52 AM    #


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