Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.

Posted Fri Feb 27, 2004, 08:20 AM by Tracy | |

Today’s Get Fuzzy cartoon nails it.

All the furor (now sadly shoved aside in favor of Mel Gibson’s Jew-baiting passion play) over Janet & Justin’s little escapade at the Stupor Bowl 1/2-time show focused solely on the exposure of Miss Jackson’s (yes, we are nasty) pierced (ouch!) nipple. Very little furor spent on the violence implicit in the act of tearing off a woman’s clothing to expose said (obviously fake) breast.

Welcome to America. Hot steaming violence served fresh daily. No sex allowed. The Puritans would be proud.

For your culinary pleasure, allow me to present, courtesy of The Amateur Gourmet:
Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes.

  1. Yeah, remind me of the shit I have to come home to...

    Matthew GF    Mon Mar 1, 05:53 AM    #


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