On the wagon … again.

Posted Tue Oct 12, 2004, 13:34 PM by Tracy | |

I do not have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol has a problem with me.

Sometimes alcohol is nice to me. It lets me have a couple three drinks, enjoy them, and still feel perky the next day.

Sometimes alcohol is mean to me. It will let me have a drink or two, then make me sleepy and headachy within a couple hours, wake me with a headache in the night and make me draggy the next day. Bad mean alcohol.

Alcohol is being mean to me lately. I’ll show it. I won’t drink it for awhile. So there.

It may not be alcohol’s fault at all. The past month and more I’ve been feeling on the edge of illness: intermittent sore throat, congestion, general tiredness. Could be stress.

I’ve finally updated the knitting section. Started a new sweater for a new nephew to be born next month or so.


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