Spring (beer) at last.

Posted Sun Apr 24, 2011, 12:30 PM by Tracy | |

For one day it was gorgeous and I spent it inside tasting beer and cheese at the Spring Wine & Beer Festival. Oh, and the Blazers won.

Turner OR
6.7% alcohol
0 IBUs
Can beer without hops still be beer? Apparently yes. Brewed with tangerine and black tea, this unique brew has a curious, almost soapy flat flavor.

Fort George
Astoria OR
Quick Wit
5.3% alcohol
Negligible IBUs
A Finnish twist on the traditional Belgian Witbier, flavored with lemongrass instead of orange peel. Heartier than the usual wit as well, but still refreshing.

El Dorado
Camino CA
Gold Rush Lager
6.0% alcohol
46 IBUs
Dark in color for a lager, meatier than the run of the mill lager, almost like an ale. I don’t usually care for lagers, but this is good.

Seven Brides
Silverton OR
Maggie’s Märzen
6.5% alcohol
34 IBUs
Nice and dark with a velvety mouthfeel. Definitively a lager but with chocolatey overtones.

10 Barrel
Bend OR
Sinistor Black Ale
Bourbon Stout
5.5% alcohol
47 IBUs
More bourbon than beer, black as night, aged for what? Six months? Sip it, don’t chug it. If you like a beer and a belt, this is premixed for you.

Widmer Bros
Portland OR
Nelson Imperial IPA
8.6% alcohol
70 IBUs
A little malty for an IPA, plenty of body, almost chewy. Pretty shallow flavor profile as IPAs go.

Laughing Dog
Sandpoint ID
% alcohol IBUs
A classic, well-balanced IPA. Not overly aggressive, but with an aftertaste that lingers like a fond memory. Grips the sides and bottom of the tongue.

Double Mountain
Hood River OR
Pale Ale
6% alcohol
50 IBUs
Light and sunny in color, bright in taste, flowery as an IPA. Add to that the sparkle of carbonation and this may be my favorite beer of the Spring Beer Festival. Very good for a summer refresher.

Oakshire Brewing
Eugene OR
Watershed IPA
7.5% alcohol
75 IBUs
Flowery, but a bit sharp, which is just fine for an IPA. Drops off quickly, but very refreshing.

The Pike – Seattle Brewing Co.
Seattle WA
Double IPA
8% alcohol
80 IBUs
Bright and refreshing, with plenty of hoppy flavor. Very tasty, very fun.

Southern Oregon Brewing
Ashland OR
Woodshed Red
Red ale
??% alcohol
?? IBU
Tastes, well, woody. Mostly malt with a little hops and a little tang. A long, lingering aftertaste. Very flavorful.


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