Don't panic, drink organic.

Posted Sat Jun 27, 2009, 18:11 PM by Tracy | |

With seventy-five beers, certified organic, and compostable cups, the North American Organic Beer Fest is a beer hippie’s paradise. Lotsa bikes parked outside make this a real Portland event.

I only tasted nine beers but that was plenty for me.

Roots Organic
Portland OR
Gruit Kölsch
5.5% alcohol
0 IBUs?
Beer without hops, an older beer than modern beers. Yes, there was beer before hops. Fruity, citrus overtones. Slightly cloudy. Very refreshing, though the aroma is a little offputting if you’re used to hopped beers.

Santa Cruz Mountain
Santa Cruz CA
People’s Porter
5.5% alcohol
41 IBUs
Looks like coffee. Smells like coffee. Tastes like coffee. Not too sweet, not too heavy.

Fort George
Astoria OR
Quick Wit
Belgian Wit
5.5% alcohol
<3 IBUs
A Belgian Wit with a Finnish accent. The citrus flavor is lemon instead of the traditional orange, making it taste like a Finnish fermented lemonade called sima. Slightly skunky aroma.

Fort George
Astoria OR
Spruce Ale
Subtle spicing and spruce tips combine to produce a nicely carbonated beer with no one taste dominating. Very similar to a wit.

Captured by Porches
St Helens OR
Invasive Species IPA
6.3% alcohol
72 IBUs
Cloudy amber in color, fruity aroma. Not as hoppy as we’d like in an IPA. Rather malty, even kind of spicy in fact.

Eel River Brewing
Fortuna CA
7.2% alcohol
72 IBUs
A perfectly reasonable and balanced IPA but not outstanding. Flavor profile is very even, does not stay long on the palate.

New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins CO
Mothership Wit
Belgian Wit
4.8% alcohol
15 IBUs
A classic Belgian wit: flavors of orange and coriander and plenty of carbonation make this a perfect summer refreshment.

Nelson Brewing
Nelson BC
Paddywhack IPA
5.2% alcohol
34 IBUs
Not very hoppy for an IPA. Something a little off on first tasting, maybe too much malt. Then the hoppiness seems to increase as the flavor lingers on the palate. Oddly this beer tastes better after you’ve swallowed.

Laurelwood Brewery
Portland OR
Green Elephant IPA
One whiff and you’re transported to fields of hops. It just smells green. This is an IPA. Flowery with a bite and a tad of malt to keep it from being overly bitter. Glad I saved this till the end.


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