Spring Beer & Wine & Cheese & other crap.

Posted Sat Apr 11, 2009, 18:11 PM by Tracy | |

This spring event started out with just beer. Then they added wine. Now cheese. And whole lot of other crap. I like to keep my beer tasting and wine tasting separate, but not everyone is so picky.

I was relatively restrained, limiting myself to only a few beers. I have things to do tomorrow.

This is my first beer review posting since getting the iPhone, which makes no difference to anyone but me.

Cascades Lakes Brewing Co
Redmond OR
Blonde Bombshell
Blonde ale
4% alcohol
26 IBUs
Fizzy, sunshine yellow, citrus overtones with a subtle finish. Refreshing without being insipid.

Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka CA
Tangerine Wheat
Wheat ale
5% alcohol
No question why they call it Tangerine. Very fizzy, a little sweet but not overwhelmingly so, the flavor drops off rather quickly.

10 Barrel Brewing Co
Bend OR
Summer Ale
Golden ale
4.7% alcohol
26 IBUs
Color of light honey, a touch of carbonation and a light hoppy flavor. As promised by the name, perfect for summer.

Silver Moon
Bend OR
Panty Dropper Ale
5.9% alcohol
64 IBUs
Flavorful and flowery, not overwhelming. Drops off quickly to a lingering finish on the sides of the tongue. Hoppy flavor without being excessively bitter.

Big Sky Brewing Co
Missoula MT
Moose Drool
Brown ale
4.3% alcohol
The first time I had Moose Drool was bottled and it was true to its name. On tap, a much better experience: malty and rich, a tad dry. Too sweet for me to drink in quantity, but alright in small doses.

Mad River Brewing Co
Humboldt County CA
Steelhead Double IPA
Double IPA
8.6% alcohol
95 IBUs
High IBUs but not bitter at all. Good balanced flavor with a long finish. Very tasty.

Sierra Nevada
Chico CA
Pale Ale
Pale ale
5% alcohol
33 IBUs
Tasty, amber colored, more flavorful than your run-of-the-mill pale ale. Closer to an amber, really. A rich rounded, mouth-filling flavor.

Bavaria Germany
12% alcohol
An aroma of wine and the alcohol content to match. A chocolaty mouth feel, this double bock is made like an eiswein. Just wow. Made in an authentic Trappist monastery they say.


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