Fry baby.

Posted Wed Feb 25, 2004, 10:47 AM by Tracy | |

There’s no such thing as a single visit to Fry’s. My replacement drive arrived from Western Digital, so I ran off to Fry’s to purchase an external drive case. Shoved drive into case, plugged into USB port. I was feeling pretty clever.

“USB device malfuntioned” “Unknown Device”.


I tried a different USB port pair and lo and behold, Win XP recognized the drive, and I formatted the drive no problem.

This was the last straw. I had previously determined that a pair of USB ports had gone bad. Now it looked like another pair was failing. I could get by with four ports, but not two.

I yanked the motherboard and returned to Fry’s, paperwork in hand, for an exchange. I was certain the USB ports were going out. After all, if it were a driver problem, it would apply to all the ports, right?

I spent two hours waiting at Fry’s while they tested my motherboard. They just won’t take my word for it, they have to inspectigate (yes I made up that word) for themselves.

Guess what. They couldn’t find any problem with the USB ports.

Back home and shove the damn’ board back into the computer case and hope I didn’t break anything. Managed to hook everything up without frying board or processor. Downloaded latest VIA Hyperion 4-in-1 USB drivers.

Now everything seems to be working, including all six (three pair) USB ports. Go figure.


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