Cocktails and basketball.

Posted Wed Feb 11, 2009, 19:53 PM by Tracy | |

We were hanging out the other night at our favorite bar, when the bartender mentioned he had been asked to invent some cocktails in honor of the NCAA.

As it happened, the martini I had just had him mix for me would fit right in that theme: Belvedere vodka with a splash of Clear Creek Distillery Eau de Vie of Douglas Fir and a twist of lime. I christened it The Tall Fir. The first NCAA basketball champions were the team from University of Oregon, nicknamed the Tall Firs.

We brainstormed a few more possible cocktails:

  • NCAA: *N*ocello, *C*offee, *A*maretto and *A*bsolut Vanil
  • Sweet Sixteen: something sweet and pink with a powdered sugar rim
  • Bracket Busters: regional cocktails to honor each geographic region of the NCAA


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