Private lessons.

Posted Fri Mar 05, 2004, 12:20 PM by Tracy | |

I’ve been working late this week, so I’ve missed kung fu class. I finally got to go last night and I was the only student. So it was like getting a private lesson. Sifus had me working on my forms. I got lots of good insight for improving my forms. Move first with the hips, let the legs follow, rather than step with the legs and let body follow. Pause. Work combinations. Let the form tell a story. Vary speed within the form. Let weight drop for emphasis. Keep all movements martial – don’t turn shoulders past the center line.

I’m feeling my age in my knees. According to my naturopath, my left knee shows signs of cartillage deterioration. He has me taking glucosamine now. It doesn’t really hurt when I bend it, but I can feel it. Very disconcerting. I’m learning to be careful about my alignment – which is good martial practice.


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