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Our national obsession with New Year’s resolutions is ultimately an expression of optimism. Optimism that this year will be different. This year we can change for the better.

At the moment I’m feeling pessimistic. I know myself and my own indolence too well to realistically think that I’m going to improve my life. Resolutions are good for a month or so, then we fall back into our old habits.

That said, here are my resolutions for 2009.

  • Get my black belt – this one is most likely to be accomplished, mainly because I’ve got a terrific support system
  • Read more – I haven’t read all of last year’s Christmas books even; I can read while riding the exercycles at the gym, which leads to the next resolution …
  • Exercise more – I can ride my bike to work in good months when there’s enough light and it’s not so rainy, but in the meantime I have a gym membership; but only if I can get myself there early enough in the morning, which means I have to …
  • Take out the slack – I tend to distract myself, shilly-shallying and dilly-dallying, wasting time, especially on the internet (I love you, LOLCats)
  • Continue weight loss – I only gained a few pounds over the Christmas season, but I’m confident those can come off if I return to my previously established eating patterns
  • Buy new house
  • Sell current house
  • Don’t have so much stuff laying around – maybe I can start now by packing up excess stuff, getting it ready to move and reducing surface clutter at the same time; let’s start by …
  • Cleaning my room and keeping it clean – file away papers right away and would a little dusting now and then kill?
  • Blog more often – oh yes, we’ve seen how successful that’s been in the past; well how about this: I’ve just added Twitter – there’s a widget in the upper right of this page, read & enjoy


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