Camera craziness.

Posted Thu Mar 04, 2004, 08:59 AM by Tracy | |

The new digital camera arrived Tuesday as promised. E’s big thrill was checking the UPS tracking with Google. If you type in your package tracking number, Google will produce a link to the tracking page.

I’ve been experimenting with the camera. I have learned that slow shutter speed is not my friend and I am not a tripod. It’s hard to compensate for bad or uneven lighting. I also learned that if you increase shutter speed and open the aperture way up, it doesn’t take a good picture. In fact, I thought it was broken because I couldn’t see an image on the LCD display.

My challenge is to take good pictures of textured knitting. It’s a matter of capturing relatively shallow depth shadow detail and keeping the color true. The camera took very good snaps of the cats, lots of crisp detail.

We have open sparring this Sunday, so I’ll be able to give my camera a workout then. I’ll get to try using the fast shutter speed setting, maybe work with focal length or something fancy like that.


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