Less stress cookies.

Posted Mon Dec 01, 2008, 09:11 AM by Tracy | |

I got the Christmas cookies baked, decorated, and put up this year with the least amount of (self-induced) stress ever. E hit on the right strategy by suggesting we make bourbon balls a week earlier than usual. That was one less huge quantity of labor-intensive cookies to cram into one weekend.

I also shook it up a little by shifting around the schedule. Friday I made wagon wheels as usual, but didn’t have to make bourbon balls at the same time. Saturday I usually would make spritz, but since my dad was coming over, I wanted to do the less intensive lemon stars. I got those done by very early afternoon.

Since Dad wanted to try the spritz, I did one batch Saturday afternoon, as well. Not too bad. I did the second batch of spritz on Sunday, getting wrapped up by early afternoon.


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