A solid ten.

Posted Mon Nov 24, 2008, 08:02 AM by Tracy | |

After weeks of a plateau I have finally dropped a few additional pounds to log a solid ten pound weight loss.

I started a new program back in August and it’s taken me this long just to lose ten pounds. Nothing dramatic or drastic, just shifting to eating food that is less calorie dense. More soups, more vegetables, less meat and starch, that sort of thing. Restricting my alcohol intake – only one beer an evening and on weekends only. And making sure I get to the gym and kung fu class.

We are about to enter the danger time: Thanksgiving to New Year. Cookies, candy, parties with calorie-laden food and booze, booze, booze. If I can maintain over the next six weeks, I’ll consider that success.

I have been enjoying getting creative with cooking. I’ve been using a lot of curry with vegetables, a little peanut-butter for flavoring. I turn leftovers into soup with a can of tomatoes and some chili powder.


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