Posted Sun Nov 16, 2008, 15:09 PM by Tracy | |

We’ve been talking about buying a new house for years now. We’re finally getting around to making improvements our current house so it will be salable. I know the market’s down, they say, but people do still need places to live, and our house will price into a range that is attractive right now.

The first step we’ve taken is to hire a landscaping crew to make the outside look decent. I have been an indifferent gardener for years. The front and back were covered with ivy. There were too many trees blocking the light.

It’s all gone now and the yard looks great! I couldn’t be happier. The yard is so clean and uncluttered. The trees are still there but they’ve been limbed up. Even the vinca minor has been severely trimmed back. I was hoping it would have been eradicated altogether. E likes the vinca, but I’ve held a grudge ever since it tried to eat my azalea.


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