Why is the "B" backwards?

Posted Thu Oct 23, 2008, 16:57 PM by Tracy | |

McCain supporter robbed, assaulted

Read the article and look at the photo. I considered that the photo might be flopped (reversed). The article clearly states that the perpetrator carved the letter “B” on the young woman’s right cheek.

Far be it from me to cast doubt on a crime victim’s story, but why is the “B” backwards?

UPDATE Campaign Volunteer Faces Charges In Attack Hoax

Sad, really.

  1. I knew it. Even before I saw it, I knew it. The timing was just too good. I haven’t heard squat about it lately; have you? This land is my land… this land is… (oh, forget it).

    Naiya    Thu Oct 30, 09:03 AM    #


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