Evil Simon lurks.

Posted Sat Mar 06, 2004, 20:11 PM by Tracy | |

Evil Simon, the neighbor's catThis is Evil Simon, aka Fat Simon. He is the neighbor’s cat who eats food on our porch. He is about the only cat who is not welcome. I don’t make these rules, the cats do. I just help enforce them by yelling at him, “I can see you Simon!” as he stands stock still.

We had a very friendly cat – dog-friendly – visit the other day. E called my attention to the window where a very cute face was looking in. I walked to the door and opened it quietly, hoping not to frighten off the new cat. Not a chance. It was right there at the door, waiting to be petted. It was a long-haired orange cat. I called it “Fluffy”. Fluffy hasn’t been back since then.


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