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A once-a-year event to try out ales brewed from fresh-picked hops, the Fresh Hop Beer Tastival offered more than 20 beers to try. E and I just shared a few on a pleasant October afternoon.

Hopworks Urban Brewery
Portland OR
Strong Pale
Bright color, bright flavor. I thought it was somewhat lager-like in flavor for an ale.

Bridgeport Brewing
Portland OR
Hop Harvest
Creamy mouth feel, not too strongly hopped. Flowery hops go straight to the back of the mouth. E thought he might like to stock the keg-o-later with this.

Hopworks Urban Brewery
Portland OR
Fests of Fury
Organic Oktoberfest
Malty, sweet, nutty. A tad musty in E’s opinion.

Lomoc Brewing
Portland OR
Proletariat Red
Red Ale
Big head, hoppy with a little malty sweetness to cut the bitter. We both rather liked it.

Portland OR
Bluebird Fresh Hop IPA
Decent head settles down quickly. Sharp bite of hops drops off quickly to a steady presence that lingers long after the last swallow.

Beer Valley Brewing
Ontario OR
Black Flag Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout
Black as death, sweet as sin. Meaty. Better than iced coffee. Not quite as chewy as some stouts I’ve had. Packs a punch.


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