New printer.

Posted Sun Sep 21, 2008, 13:26 PM by Tracy | |

Years ago I bought my first computer from a company called Tiny. It was the Dell of Britain. The company lasted about as long as the computer, which was not very long. Windows ME killed my hard drive.

It was originally a package deal that included a Lexmark Z32 printer. Not a great printer, but adequate. Kind of flimsy plastic casing.

The original printer finally gave up the ghost. It had been having problems off and on with feeding paper.

I researched on Consumer Reports and we settled on the Canon Pixma series. It had the most consistent reviews.

Off to Fry’s, which is my idea of geek heaven, and we bought a Canon Pixma iP3500

It certainly looks sturdier than my old printer. Installation was very easy, even with E assisting. It seems to print just fine, though a little slow to start. I haven’t given it a vigorous workout yet. I’ll have to get some fancy glossy photo paper to see how the photo prints look.


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