Poor little car.

Posted Sat Sep 20, 2008, 13:38 PM by Tracy | |

What I don’t know about cars could fill a very large book. Maybe even a couple. I have a basic understanding of the internal combustion engine and I know that a car (hybrids not withstanding) needs spark, compression and fuel to operate.

Yesterday morning I had a twinge of intuition that something wasn’t quite right with my faithful little 1993 Saturn SL1 when I started it up. I couldn’t tell you what it did that gave me that feeling. But something was a little off.

Yesterday afternoon my bad feeling manifested itself. I left work, got in the car to drive downtown where E and I planned our anniversary dinner, and it wouldn’t start.

I depressed the clutch pedal, turned the key and stepped on the gas.




I was sure it was the starter motor not engaging. I convinced myself it’s not the battery because it didn’t go RRuurr RRuurrr rruuuuuuurr or even * click * click *

This afternoon E and I drove to where I had left it in my company parking lot, fortunately facing downhill. He gave me a push and had me pop the clutch and it started right up.

E tells me it could be either the starter motor or the battery. He’ll have one of his friends help take a look at it tomorrow. At least we got it safely home in the garage. I’m a little unsure that the problem is the battery. It’s a 60-month battery I bought 3 years ago. Still, the car seems to go through batteries a little more quickly than I think I should.

  1. I had a toyota carolla named Dorothea that went through a bunch of starter problems. It sounds like it’s the starter because that’s what makes the click click sound. If the whirrr gets slower and shorter each time you try it, then it might be the battery. If those check out then try the alternator. All of those should be a cheap and easy fix. thumbs up

    Kungfukitten    Sun Sep 21, 12:38 AM    #


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