Signs of spring.

Posted Wed Mar 10, 2004, 12:50 PM by Tracy | |

The first indicator that spring is just around the corner, of course, is Rose Festival princesses. Besides that, my forsythia is in full bloom, sun yellow and magnificient. I’ve also got a good selection of daffodils. Decorative cherry trees all around the city are blossoming. I’m looking forward to seeing the wisteria that overhangs I-405.

It is just about impossible to find a good CD storage rack in this city. I went shopping for a birthday present for E yesterday and couldn’t find what I wanted. So I bought one online. It won’t be here in time for his birthday, but that’s okay because it’s really a present for me. I’m just tired of having CDs scattered all about. I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise because I’m reasonably certain he doesn’t read my weblog.

Ease-of-use was my main criteria for selecting a CD rack. Cabinets with doors looked really nice, but I thought if E had to open a door or pull out a drawer to put away a CD it just woudn’t happen. Gosh, I make him sound like such a lazy slob, don’t I. This is what I ended up selecting. I like that the CDs are tilted up, so it’s easy to read the spines as you look down on them from above. It’s also more economical than the bookshelf types with enclosed backs. But now I’m having second thoughts – if a person isn’t careful about placing the CD on the rack, they (the CDs, not the person) could slip and fall between the dowels.

I’ll just have to see.


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