60% green.

Posted Fri Jul 25, 2008, 07:31 AM by Tracy | |

This week I cut my carbon emissions due to work commuting by 60%. Yay me!

That’s not to say I haven’t been driving during the week – just not to work. Errands, kung fu class, heading down to beer festival later today. All our programmers are working from home while their workspace is getting remodeled, so I’m taking advantage and working at home, too.

I drove to work Monday and Tuesday. I meant to ride Tuesday, but I slept in. Plus I had a weensy bit too much to drink the night before and if I developed a hangover during the day, I didn’t want to face the hills between me and home on a bike.

Wednesday and Thursday I rode my bike. Riding home, I skirt the local community college campus. Last night I investigated cutting through the campus. It looked like a promising short cut.

Ugh. Instead of taking the long way around the hill, I rode straight up it. It’s shorter, but it’s a lot steeper. I almost made it all the way through when I tried to shift down into my #1 front gear and dropped the chain. Damn! I have the worst time shifting into the “granny” gear. I always end up dropping the chain. Luckily I can unclip fast enough I don’t fall. I walked the bike until I got to the top of the hill. Need to build up these legs a little more before I can take that shortcut again.


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