21st Amendment Brewery.

Posted Fri Jul 04, 2008, 11:32 AM by Tracy | |

As a self-proclaimed aficionado of beer, I couldn’t pass up a visit to 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, located just a couple blocks from the AT&T Stadium, home of the SF Giants. We visited this micro-brewery and cafe on Wed Jul 2, our last full day in SF.

Every year they bring their unique Watermelon Wheat to the Oregon Brewer’s Fest, but of course they had several other offerings to taste.

South Park Blonde
Blonde Ale
5.1% alcohol
17 IBUs
Light, bright, fizzy. Fairly long finish for a low-hopped beer. Good balance, refreshing, no one taste dominates.

Watermelon Wheat
Fruited Wheat Beer
5.0% alcohol
17 IBUs
Pretty shade of cloudy yellow. Good summer grilling beer with enough acid to cut the fat of a hotdog or burger. Taster presentation “cheats” by adding a watermelon wedge to the glass. Slightly bitter aftertaste. Perennial favorite at the Brewer’s Festival.

Amendment Pale Ale
Pale Ale
5.5% alcohol
28 IBUs
Golden amber in color. Malt springs to the forefront at first taste,followed by a low lingering undertone of hops. Pretty sweet for a pale ale.

Schweick’s English Mild
English Style Mild Bitter
4.2% alcohol
11 IBUs
Less carbonation than other offerings. Pleasantly creamy mouth-feel. A little on the malty side for an English mild bitter. Only the malt lingers, otherwise not much of an aftertaste.

Motor Oil
Dark Amber Ale/Strong Ale
7.8% alcohol
38 IBUs
Very malty, with enough hops for balance, similar to Paulaner Salvatore. Color is somewhere between dirty and clean motor oil with an initially creamy mouth-feel.

Dark Lager
4.8% alcohol
30 IBUs
Smokin’! The color of the sunset through the smoke of California wildfires. Very pleasant, flavorful with smokey overtones, not as heavy a beer as the color suggests.

Pomegranate Cider
6.5% alcohol
This fruit fermentation is made by Two Rivers Cider Company of Sacramento CA.
Aroma of pomegranate, the combined flavors of apple and pomegranate. A good palette cleanser before moving on to more beer.


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