Ecce Ecco.

Posted Wed Jul 02, 2008, 08:27 AM by Tracy | |

We’ve been doing a lot of walking around The City (San Francisco, for us left-coasters). I didn’t have a good pair of walking sandals, just my Birks.

Last Saturday, when we went shopping, I picked up a pair of Eccos. I was told they are a very good selling brand, which doesn’t necessarily mean I will like them. They were expensive, but they felt pretty good, so I took a chance.

After a day or so of walking around, it felt like I had a tiny irritating rock in the right foot sandal. It drove me nuts. I covered a bit of exposed stitching with moleskin, but I still had an almost unbearable irritation on the outer edge of the sole of my right foot.

I don’t care how popular the darn shoes are, if I can’t walk in them, back they go to the store. Luckily, Nordstrom has a very generous return policy.

I was resigned to wearing my old Birks, but as long as we were at Nordie’s I decided to at least look at other sandals. It turned out that the Eccos I had were size 38, which translates to US 7 – 7-1/2. Even though my feet measure at 7-1/2, often 8s are more comfortable. So I took another chance on the same sandals, this time going up a size.

So far so good. We’ve been walking all over the city with no problem. I do have a bit of friction with the foot bed, which I expect will improve as the sandals get worn and the foot bed smooths out.


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