One less loose end.

Posted Wed Jun 25, 2008, 11:24 AM by Tracy | |

It’s been almost a year since Mom died and I still have a few pieces of outstanding business.

One of the many ill-considered decisions Mom made in her rare moments of lucidity was to purchase one of those mobility scooters you see advertised on TV. They advertise that Medicare will pay for it, they’ll help you fill out the paperwork, that sort of thing.

When Mom moved into a foster home, the scooter went with her. When she was almost immediately hospitalized and subsequently had to go to a different nursing facility, the scooter stayed. I left it to my brother to retrieve the scooter, but he never did.

So all this time, and it’s been over a year, the scooter has been taking up space at an adult foster home. E and I decided that if they could use it, we would just leave it with the foster home people. Small compensation for the difficult resident my mother was.

I finally got myself in order to call the foster home people about it. They still had the scooter, it hadn’t gone anywhere. Better yet, they said, yes, they could use it and accepted it. Big relief. That saves us the trouble of hauling it off, and it is a heavy beast.

That’s one loose end wrapped up.


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