Good kitty.

Posted Fri Mar 12, 2004, 11:47 AM by Tracy | |

The Mac I use at the agency where I freelance just got upgraded from Jaguar to Panther. I like it immediately. A smoother interface. Subtle differences really, that have a significant impact on my work experience. Fonts are crispier, something I appreciate more as I age. I have noticed that small fonts on web sites are more difficult to read than I remember. A good reason for web designers to specify fonts with browser-resizable ems, rather than absolute pixels.

I am waiting for Apple to come out with an OS designated “Fluffy Persian Kitty”.

  1. Ooo! Ooo! Hit F9! Hit F9!!! Then F11! :)

    Panther is so much faster than Jag.

    Next version - Black Tabby

    cherz    Fri Mar 12, 12:48 PM    #

  2. Yeah, I already set up my corners to hide all/show all. That is about one of the most freakin' useful things about Panther. I think it's even better than alt+tab cycling thru windows on PC.

    Tracy    Sat Mar 13, 11:10 AM    #


    this would be the fluffy persian kitty mac os at the keller household.

    panther does kick ass.

    semaphoria    Mon Mar 15, 01:25 PM    #

  4. Hi Tracy, howve you been? i hope all is well. i wanted to get in touch with you and eric but this break has just flown by. might you have any time to do lunch this sunday?

    Joey Haber    Fri Mar 19, 01:53 PM    #


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