Diet starts tomorrow.

Posted Mon Jun 02, 2008, 11:35 AM by Tracy | |

We had our friends Anne & Todd to dinner last night. Notice I did not say for dinner because that would suggest cannibalism. Which we do not do. But we did talk about. Whom we would eat and who would taste bad. It was that kind of evening.

Todd went duck hunting earlier this year, so he had a couple ducks for E to roast. Plus we had some duck breasts that one of my cousins gave us that needed to get eaten.

E wrapped the whole ducks in pancetta and stuffed them with pear. After roasting them, he finished them off with a cherry jam glaze. The breasts he marinated in sherry, then pounded them flat and breaded them before pan-frying them. He added mushrooms and cream to the sherry and pan drippings to make the sauce.

For dessert I made apple crisp and whipped cream flavored with Calvados.

Everything was so delicious, I was sucking duck meat off the bones. We all ate too much and polished off a couple bottles of wine. We didn’t even get to the blueberry dessert wine Anne & Todd had brought.

There’s always tomorrow for a diet.


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