One fewer card.

Posted Sun May 11, 2008, 11:58 AM by Tracy | |

This year I bought one fewer Mother’s Day card. In past years I’ve done five: my mom, E’s mother, my aunt Vi, Dad’s wife, and my birthmother.

I almost didn’t get them out in the mail. The secretary where we store stamps, my address book, and my calligraphy pen was stuck shut. E managed to get it open, with strict instructions to me to not lock it shut again. Still, the cards went out late.

I think I’m supposed to be feeling something, since this is my first Mother’s Day without my mother, but, not so much. I just don’t miss her all that much. We weren’t on the best of terms most of my adult life. I don’t miss her, I miss the person I wish she had been. I wish she could have been a happier person.

For his mother, E is preparing an eggplant moussaka that we will bring to her house and serve to the family. I made a blackberry pie.

Usually we have irises by this time of year, but it’s been so cold.


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