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Posted Thu Mar 06, 2008, 13:55 PM by Tracy | |

I’ve never been much into makeup. Didn’t wear it after the first couple years of high school and only for Hallowe’en parties in college. I only started wearing makeup regularly as an adult when I got office jobs and transitioned to presenting a professional appearance.

That said, there are a few things I’m really into. Eyebrow gel. I love me some eyebrow gel, especially if I can get it colored brown.

Eyeliner is another thing. I’ll give up mascara before I give up eyeliner. I’ve switched back and forth between pencil and liquid. I like the soft smudgy look of pencil, but I can’t get it smack up against my eyelashes. The gap looks weird to me. Liquid is nice and dark and precise, but it makes a hard line. I don’t want to looke like Amy Winehouse.

My brilliant breakthrough is to use both. I smudge on the pencil, smoosh it around, then get out the brush and draw a very fine line right along the edge of my eyelashes.


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