I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

Posted Tue Mar 04, 2008, 13:10 PM by Tracy | |

We’ve just begun the process of looking into the possibility of maybe considering selling our house. I want a larger house. More wallspace for art. More room for bookshelves. A linen closet. A dining area large enough to have people over and no one has to sit in the living room balancing their plates on their laps.

A developer interested in our house came over last Saturday to give a presentation and make an offer.

He made it sound really good. He showed printouts of several similar houses and how much they sold for. He named a price that sounded very attractive.

The catch is, it would be paid on a contract over 30 years. We would hold the paper.

Eh, not so much. We could take an insultingly low cash offer, invest it in a diversified portfolio with a decent rate of return and have 4x the developer’s offer.

Math skills. I haz them.


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