Cats like donuts.

Posted Tue Oct 19, 2004, 07:58 AM by Tracy | |

  1. I already knew this... Maysha was notorius for knocking boxes of donuts off the kitchen counter in hopes of the tumble opening the box.... then she would scarf away at them. She was also very fond of poppyseed muffins.

    Patty O

    Patty O    Tue Oct 19, 10:26 AM    #

  2. either they like 'em - or - they have tiny stomachs... they couldn't finish it.

    cherz    Wed Oct 20, 10:41 AM    #

  3. i like donuts too. obviously your cats have good taste.

    semaphoria    Thu Oct 21, 07:14 AM    #

  4. My 22 yr. old cat is having her annual cider-mill donut today. When she was just a "baby" she got up on the counter, knocked the bag of donuts on the floor where they scattered, and then took one bite out of each of them (6) and then left them there for me to have when I got up that morning! The photo of the bit-up donut made me laugh out loud. Cheers.

    Tigie Boo    Sat Oct 23, 08:51 AM    #

  5. Was it a Krispy Kreme donut? I bet if it was there wouldn't be any left.

    One of my favorite Christmas stories is my neighbors made two loaves of cranberry bread and froze them. They took one out of the fridge to defrost while they were at work to give to us for Christmas. When they came home the cranberry bread was gone and both their kittens were fat, happy and sleeping on the floor covered in crumbs.

    Kungfukitten    Wed Oct 27, 06:35 PM    #


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