Worst day of the year? Not so bad.

Posted Sun Feb 10, 2008, 14:27 PM by Tracy | |

Feb 9 is historically the coldest and wettest day of the year in Oregon. Perfect for Worst Day of the Year Ride bike ride.

I was planning on riding by myself. I’m perfectly okay with doing fun rides alone. Friends had mentioned doing the ride, but they talked about the 40-mile challenge loop, over the West Hills. Not for me! I stuck with the 18-mile urban loop. But they called this am, having decided on the 18-mile ride after all.

I threw my bike in the car and drove to the start, since my friends were there already waiting for me at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. The weather didn’t live up to the hype, lucky for us. Temperature was in the 50s. We had a little bit of wind and rain, but mostly it was dry.

The only problems with urban fun rides are:

  1. Too many stop signs so you can’t get up a good speed
  2. Too many people riding crowded together so you can’t get up a good speed

Not that I’m a fast rider, mind you, but I do like to keep it going.

When all was done, I decided to ride home. Unless I can get some decent hill riding, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything. From the Lucky Lab to my house it’s all uphill.


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