It's snraining.

Posted Sat Feb 02, 2008, 16:26 PM by Tracy | |

Okay, not right now, but it was this morning. Which made me disinclined to go train kung fu this morning.

According to the radio, the snow level was 500 feet. We are at 400 feet, which put us on the edge of weather. The snow kept coming down, but melted as soon as it hit the ground, leaving us with a slushy mess.

So I didn’t go train. I thought, well, I’ll go to sparring class at 11am at least. But first I would cut some kindling. We are all out of the huge pile I cut at the beginning of our wood burning season.

I cut and hacked and chopped and kindled, then it was too late for sparring and the snow still fell like rain.


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