Scam? Or score?

Posted Tue Jan 22, 2008, 15:50 PM by Tracy | |

After several weeks of dithering, I finally settled on the Canon Powershot A720. It’s a good compromise of my contradictory desires: small, lightweight, long lens (optical zoom – digital zoom is worthless), good quality.

Next it was off to buy one. E is a big fan of finding the lowest price possible on the internet. I found a insanely low price at some New York based camera & video store. If you’re at all savvy about purchasing electronics online, you can probably see where this is going.

I did note that their accessories were ridiculously overpriced, so I didn’t order any.

A day later I got an email saying to call for order confirmation. I was expecting the upsell and it came. The guy on the phone said, you know this camera takes special batteries and offered to sell me some. I thought yeah, and it also takes AA batteries. So I declined. I told him I was going to wait and see what accessories I needed.

Now my co-worker warns me this may be one of those scam places that pull bait-and-switch on you. I do a little web research and yup, it’s one of them.

Their game is to upsell you on packages and accessories, and when you don’t bite, tell you your item is backordered.

We’ll see what happens. If they call or email me again to say it’s backordered, or if I don’t have it in three weeks like the guy on the phone said, I’ll cancel the order and buy it from some place slightly more reliable. Luckily, I’m not in a hurry and can wait 2-3 months for this all to play out.

  1. It’s more than likely a scam if the seller has a signifigantly lower price than B&H or; common tactics include stripping everything but the camera body from the box and then reselling your all the accessories that actually come with the camera (lens cap, battery, battery charger, etc) in the first place for massively inflated prices. Good luck..

    Brent    Wed Jan 23, 03:58 PM    #


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