More perennial New Year's resolutions.

Posted Tue Jan 08, 2008, 18:31 PM by Tracy | |
  • Floss – I am uneven on flossing. I go through periods of regular flossing, then I slack off. I’m at an age where my teeth are falling out of my head: old fillings crack, enamel cracks, nerves die. I’m always needing dental work it seems. Flossing is my last hope to keep my choppers.
  • Drink more water – I know, I know, I heard about the study that showed drinking 8 glasses of water a day doesn’t improve your health. But I still think it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. I often find when I think I’m hungry, I’m really just thirsty.
  • Blog more frequently – with pictures! Yes, I know you want more Chattering Magpie in your life and I will endeavor to provide it.
  • Watch less TV – TV rots the brain. It’s a huge time-suck. If I’m going to keep on top of clutter and organizing and filing and maybe even learn a bit about investing, something’s got to give. That something is TV.


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