Indoors outdoors.

Posted Sat Jan 05, 2008, 19:36 PM by Tracy | |

Rufus and Nefertiti had their first foray into the great outdoors yesterday. They’ve been showing increasing interest in where Zoe goes.

E was nervous about letting the kits out. They’re still pretty skittish, especially Rufus, and he was concerned about them running out into the street.

They nosed around the porch a bit, then they were ready to come back inside. It’s wet and icky out there!

Poor Zoe. Outside was her last refuge away from the kits.

  1. How cute!

    Leslie Zemenek    Sun Jan 6, 05:49 PM    #

  2. Zoe might be a hot babe, but the new kids are pretty hot, too. Great shot!

    Karen Gillis    Mon Jan 14, 02:44 PM    #


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