Progress to date.

Posted Thu Mar 18, 2004, 09:06 AM by Tracy | |

Just thought I’d mention my weight loss progress. It’s been so gradual that a graph like I did a couple years ago would be kind of boring. Plus I’m lazy. The good news is I’ve lost 20lbs since last August. I’m almost down to my blue belt weight. My goal is my purple belt weight. I looked HOT.

My biggest challenge of late is staying away from all the candy that’s stocked here at the agency where I’m freelancing this month. Red Vines are my downfall. I know they are “no fat”, but that’s small consolation for all the empty calories.

  1. oh gahds! The Red Vines.. I remember the barrel we had at Convergent. It was a never ending supply...

    cherz    Fri Mar 19, 01:44 PM    #


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