White Christmas

Posted Tue Dec 25, 2007, 13:17 PM by Tracy | |

OMG! It’s snowing on Christmas Day! It’s really coming down hard, just started a few hours ago. We’ll have to shovel the drive before going over to E’s parent’s house for Christmas dinner. E is cooking a goose. What is it with Jews celebrating Christmas anyway?

It’s snowing but we’re cozy inside with a nice fire, a roasting goose, kitties and plenty o’ books. I’ve been drinking almost since I got up. It’s medicinal: I’ve still got the wicked cold. It’s been about three weeks now. E’s got it too, but he doesn’t seem as affected as I am. At least it’s getting better; I’m only blowing my nose every 20 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.

We had our traditional Christmas eve celebration, just the two of us. I picked up E from work and we had sweet coastal Dungeness crab, plenty o’ beer and books books books.

Books I gave E

Books E gave me

  1. Wheee!!!!

    Jerk Chicken    Tue Dec 25, 09:20 PM    #


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