Whipping the wind.

Posted Mon Dec 03, 2007, 14:04 PM by Tracy | |

The storm is hitting us hard. Highways are flooded, trees are bending in high winds, the rain is dancing sideways.

We lost power last night, as I expected. I don’t know how long it was out for. I woke at 3am to the sound of four beeps. At first I thought it was the alarm clock. Then I figured out it was my UPS. I had to get out a flashlight, dig through my paperwork, and wonder why the UPS documentation was filed under Software instead of Hardware. Beeps would not cease until the power came back on or I turned the UPS off. I turned it off.

Back to bed when I heard another couple beeps. I got back up and wandered around, trying to locate the source. Could it be the DVR? I don’t remember it making sound when it went out. Finally found it: E’s cell phone battery was about to die.


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