Posted Wed Nov 28, 2007, 12:33 PM by Tracy | |

I’ve really gone and done it this time. I went and joined a gym. Excuse me, Fitness Center.

Weather and season being what it is, I am not bike commuting to work. I was so happy with results I got from regular biking, especially my cardio-vascular fitness, I wanted to maintain those benefits.

A couple of my coworkers go to a nearby Bally’s on their lunch hour and they talked me into going with them. After few visits, I decided to sign up.

As a perk of signing up I got a free one-hour with a personal trainer. We talked about nutrition (more protein, less carbohydrates especially no carbs after 6pm) and I got my body fat measured with a device that looked about as effective as a couple tin cans for measuring thetan levels.

According to what I am sure is a wildly inaccurate device, I am over 1/3 made up of fat, which puts me way into the range of obese. Do I look fat to you? (Lie. For your own safety, lie.)

He had me do a circuit of moderate weight training. I figure it’s good to start out with moderate, because you can go up or down from there.

I did okay. It wasn’t super hard but I had to work a little. And I enjoyed it.


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