Shorn cat.

Posted Sun Nov 18, 2007, 15:00 PM by Tracy | |

Oh believe me, I thought of another title, but I don’t want to be inundated by pr0n bots.

Rufus and Nefertiti have both taken a big step toward adulthood, something that every kept kitty must (or should) undergo. They got neutered and spayed, respectively, last Friday.

Neffi was pretty dopey after the surgery. The doctor described it as having one too many margaritas. They put a cone collar on her to keep her from getting at her sutures. But when we got home and let her out of the carrier, she panicked. Poor kit was running around terrified. So we caught her and removed the collar.

Zoe acted weird about the kittens when we brought them home, like she was unsure of them. Maybe they smelled differently. But eventually she returned to normal.

  1. Funny as always! The first sentence at least.

    Ruben    Fri Nov 23, 12:37 PM    #


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