What's wrong with Neffi?

Posted Tue Oct 30, 2007, 11:56 AM by Tracy | |

We are worried about our little Neffi, our little gray kittie. She waddled a bit when we first got her, much as Zoe did, that cute little kitten waddle.

But the last couple weeks it seems to me she’s walking funny. The last couple days she’s walking in a military crouch, as if her hind legs weren’t supporting her.

She wants to get around and she does, but typically she will walk a few steps then lay down. She scrambles to the top of the kitty condo with some difficulty.

It could be any of several things. We think the cats are four or five months old, so estrus would be early but not out of range, but for the fact that she’s not showing any other symptoms. She hasn’t been outside so I don’t think she’s picked up any parasites. It’s been a month since she got her Advantage flea treatment.

We have a vet appointment on Saturday when we’ll probably get a x-ray.


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