Playing catch up.

Posted Thu Oct 18, 2007, 07:57 AM by Tracy | |

Now that the black belt test is behind me, I feel like I’ve got my life back. I put off so much, both household tasks and decision making. It’s not like I used the time in a constructive manner, to manage my pre-test stress or even practice forms breakdowns.

What I’ve caught up with:

  • Clearing dead plants off the front porch
  • Watering the African violets
  • Filling out paperwork / sending out death certificates to financial institutions re: settling Mom’s estate
  • Vacuuming scattered kitty litter out of the carpet in my room
  • Making plane & hotel reservations for a planned trip to San Francisco next June
  • Saw doctor about my damaged left ring finger terminal joint
  • Began writing thank yous to people who sent flowers or made donations for Mom’s memorial

Still have to do:

  • Stack the rest of the wood now that E assures me the outdoor faucet is fixed (yes, these are related)
  • Write the rest of the thank yous to people who sent flowers or made donations for Mom’s memorial
  • Design Christmas card
  • Write Christmas letter
  • Write 2000 word black belt essay (um yeah, that was supposed to have been done before the black belt test)
  • Get fenders put on my bike
  • Find an acupuncturist to see if they can do anything about nerve compression in my elbows


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