Where do all these cats keep coming from?

Posted Mon Oct 08, 2007, 11:01 AM by Tracy | |

Last week we found a cat in the parking lot at work. Actually, a lady from the office upstairs found him sitting in front of the door. She gave kitty some food and got her husband to bring in a roomy carrier, some food and a blanky.

But since she wasn’t allowed to bring the cat into her office, we brought it into ours. He is a handsome, all-black, unneutered male about 5-6 months old. No collar, no microchip. Very friendly and cuddly, even as he was being admired by an office full of strangers. He even nursed on my hand when I held him. Kitty is currently being fostered at a co-worker’s home. E says, read my lips, no new cats.

Today we found another cat. This time it’s an adult unneutered male. Again, no collar. I think he’s an Egyptian Mau, though from a distance he looked like a siamese with beige points. Only up close could you see his spots. He doesn’t seem feral, but I couldn’t get very close. I don’t know what we’re going to do about this one.

  1. Ooh, I found an Egyptian Mau a few years back. That was when Arthur and I combined had 5 kitties already. He didn’t like other kitties and now lives with Rebecca. Beware the lure of the Egyptian Mau!

    Leslie Zemenek    Mon Oct 8, 12:21 PM    #


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