Going Dutch.

Posted Mon Mar 29, 2004, 14:47 PM by Tracy | |

About a week-and-a-half ago, I got an intriguing call from a New York area code: the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. According to the fellow I talked to, a large Dutch design firm sees Oregon and Washington as opening markets for advertising. They want to set up an office in Portland. And why not? It’s a clean city, smallish, bicycle-friendly, good coffee.

What has all this to do with me? Apparently they found my web site online and we’re sufficiently impressed to want to set up a meeting. Presumably they were looking at and not Chattering Magpie.

What happened? Nothin’. Nada. I showed up at the place & time and no one was there. I waited around for half-an-hour and still nobody. So I split.

  1. Those bloody unreliable Dutch.

    Ruben    Mon Mar 29, 11:02 PM    #

  2. Hé Ruben, precies wat ik wilde zeggen.
    Good coffee? Really?

    Irene    Tue Mar 30, 12:39 AM    #

  3. Certainly, Irene. Coffee is one of the few things that's better on that side of the ocean.

    Ruben    Wed Mar 31, 08:40 AM    #

  4. Not in MY experience... Grote bakken heel dun slootwater. Wel gratis refill, maar dat hoeft van mij dan ook niet. Sorry, Magpie, dat moest er even uit.

    Irene    Wed Mar 31, 11:17 PM    #

  5. For those non-Dutch readers of Chattering Magpie, here's a translation of Irene's comment from the fine, fine folks at

    Major fry wholly thin ditch water. Well-being gratuitous refill , solely who hoof mine then nothing. Sorry Magpie , who was obliged to yonder momentarily out of.

    Holy crack addict, Batman, what on earth is she saying? I think she means our coffee is thin ditch water and you don't get free refills.

    Irene, you got to come to the Pacific Northwest. We're into good coffee here and it's not all $tarbuck$. Plus we got good beer. More microbreweries than any city outside of Munich.

    The Magpie herself    Thu Apr 1, 09:03 AM    #

  6. Haha, your foreignword translators got it exactly right. Well almost. I said you could get free refills; but who wants refills of thin ditch water. I'll give the Pacific Northwest a try someday, to make good the difficult time I had in the East and Southeast. Maybe for the beer too ;-)

    Irene    Thu Apr 1, 12:04 PM    #

  7. Bahahaha!! hoof mine??

    Ew - Eastern and Southeastern coffee is horrible!! The farther east you get in the US, the worse the coffee is... ... And our beer is better than theirs, too...

    cherz    Sat Apr 3, 04:28 PM    #


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