We got new kittehs.

Posted Fri Sep 21, 2007, 14:44 PM by Tracy | |

We got these two little cuties last Sunday. My sister-in-law rescued four kittens: her neighbor abandoned a pregnant cat. We took these two. We don’t have names for them yet.

The little boy on the left is still a scaredy-boy, but he’s coming around. He runs away when I reach out to pet him, but he no longer hides. When he calms down I can pet him.

The gray beauty on the right is his sister; she is braver than he. I can walk right up to her and pet her.

Zoe is both curious and afraid of the new kittens. They are very interested in her and try to approach her at every opportunity.

It will take a little more time before the kittens are completely comfortable in their new home and with us.

In the meantime, any suggestions for names?


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