My own little slice of Holland.

Posted Thu Apr 01, 2004, 11:59 AM by Tracy | |
Tulips in my gardenThis morning’s tulips, no fooling. Not as nice a display as in previous years. The bulbs are getting old. We need to dig them up this fall, sort out and save the big ones, plant new fresh bulbs. Still, it’s a nice selection of colors.

Despite what Ruben impugns in a previous post (and he should know), the Dutch are not all “bloody unreliable.” It turns out my Monday appointment didn’t even get the message that a meeting had been set up until a day later. Poor guy, he was pretty embarrassed. I’m meeting him today, so we’ll see what that’s all about.

Tulips in my gardenHere’s a bonus picture of my kitties. That’s Ally licking Mose. When they were younger and Mose was healthier, this would lead to Mose beating on Ally. Now she just puts up with it.

Orange Kitty is a short-haired cat, but his undercoat is so thick, it’s constantly getting mats. So each morning when I put food out for him, I try to comb out the fur mats. I have a beautiful proof of a theory, which this weblog is too small to contain.

  1. I take it all back.

    What an immense garden you must have.

    Ruben    Thu Apr 1, 10:07 PM    #

  2. Good luck, this time.
    Nice little slice!

    Irene    Thu Apr 1, 11:30 PM    #


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